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North America’s top heavy equipment mats provider, offering versatile sales and rental services for high-quality wood access mats. Trusted by top companies in Canada and the U.S., we guarantee exceptional quality for all your matting needs. Our ground mats for heavy equipment ensure reliable performance and durability.


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Leading the way in eco-friendly ground access solutions. Our heavy equipment mats are trusted across diverse industries for their durability and reliability. Count on Blizzard Mats for exceptional service and top-quality crane and construction mats. Choose us for superior performance on your job site, where innovation meets sustainability.

Heavy Equipment Mats timber mat

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Industries & Applications

We provide specific ground access solutions for different industries like construction, oil & gas, and renewable energy. This includes access roads, heavy equipment mats, and temporary road mats. We design our mats for efficiency and durability, which makes site access easier and ensures safety in tough environments. We’re the foundation of successful industry projects.

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We design our construction mats for demanding construction sites, providing a reliable work platform and site stability.

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Oil & Gas

We provide strong mats for the oil and gas industry, including heavy equipment mats, for tough environments.

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Powerline, Solar & Wind Farms

Our mats are great for temporary roads and work platforms, supporting powerline, solar, and wind farm projects.


Heavy Equipment Mats Supplier

Blizzard Mats is a premier supplier of ground mats for heavy equipment, renowned for their durability and versatility. Explore our extensive range of wood timber mats, expertly crafted for heavy-duty applications in the most challenging environments.

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Access & Swamp Mats

Our access and swamp mats offer unparalleled stability and durability for various terrains.

Crane & Digging Mats

We engineer our crane mats for heavy lifting and digging operations to ensure safety and efficiency.

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Rigging Mats

Our rig mats possess great strength and toughness, enabling them to withstand heavy equipment without breaking or sustaining damage.

Timber Mats

Our timber mats have gained a reputation for their strength as they support heavy equipment across diverse applications.

Heavy Equipment Mats Timber Mats
Heavy Equipment Mats timber mat

Used Mats for Sale

Selection of used wood mats for sale, where affordability meets quality. Contact us to learn what options are currently available in our inventory.

Ground Protection Services

We provide heavy equipment mats and services for all needs:

Expert ground protection planning to optimize your job site’s efficiency and safety.

Specializing in temporary access road design, we cater to diverse industrial requirements.

Efficient on-site logistics management for seamless operation of your project.

Our mats purchase and buyback program offer economical and sustainable solutions. 

Flexible heavy equipment mats rental options to cater to your temporary roadway needs.

Access road project management services to ensure the success of your construction or industrial project. 

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